Mustang Region

Mustang, a part of Gandaki Pradesh in northwestern part of Nepal. It is one of the Nepal’s most mysterious and least known kingdoms. It was a lost kingdom of Tibet. The Upper mustang was restricted area until 1992 which makes it most preserved area in the world culturally and geographically. Foreigners need to obtain special permit from department of immigration to enter in this region. It has rich Buddhist culture to allow individuals in experiencing the landscape and culture followed by Tibetan people. 

Major inhabitants of this region are Thakali’s so you can experience thakali culture, foods, tradition and their lifestyle in this region. Trekking in upper mustang allows you to explore thousands years old Monasteries, caves, local tribes and scenic beauty of different landscapes. Entire hillsides are swiped with pink in this region. Tiji festival which is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism is one of the popular attractions among individuals all over the world.  Major attractions in this region are Jomsom which is administrative zone of mustang which extends over both the banks of Kali Gandaki River. Muktinath which is one of the famous Hindu temples surrounded by snow capped peaks, where thousands of pilgrims from different country come to visit and perform rituals worship.