Dolpo Region

Dolpo was popularized all over the world because Oscar awarded movie Caravan was shooted in this region. It is a high altitude culturally Tibetan region in the upper part of Dolpa district of western Nepal. It is one of the highest settlements in the world where people generally settle at altitude of 3660 m to 4070 m. It is one of the least populated areas of Nepal which occupies only 5% of total population of Nepal. It was opened to trekking on 1989. Because of its isolation by difficult topography people are able to preserve their culture, tradition and lifestyle. It falls under restricted areas so trekkers requires special trekking permit from Department of Immigration in addition to TIMS card in order to trek in this area. 

Major attractions in this region are Shey-Phoksundo National park which is largest national park in the country where endangered species like snow leopard, musk deer has been protected, Phoksundo which is deepest Lake of Nepal that is popular for crystal clear water and turquoise color, Rara which is biggest Lake in Nepal and Buddhist’s holy place Crystal Mountain and Shey Gompa.